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"Prayers To Shirdi Sai Baba" blog came into existence in the year 2017. The initial idea was a service of carrying prayers to Shirdi by devotee readers of blog bound to Shirdi. The cycle was - devotee planning to visit Shirdi will intimate to the owner and founder Hetal Patil and express wish to take prayers of devotees. Then she will be sharing the information on the blog and devotee readers mostly staying out of India will send their prayers in email to the devotee going to Shirdi. After reaching Shirdi, the devotee will place the prayers in Samadhi Mandir, Dwarkamai or Chavadi. Since lot many prayers in printed form were placed in Shirdi premises, there was some resistence from Sansthan and also to save environment, devotees started taking soft copy of the prayers i.e. via phone. Mobile phones are not allowed in Samadhi Mandir premises so a devotee will be conveying prayers by praying on fellow devotees behalf or reading out the prayers in Shirdi.

However prayers started pouring in even without any intimation in any post and so now a separated dedicated blog was created so that prayers are conveyed to other devotees as soon as possible and readers can pray for the devotee in trouble. The blog is updated daily and lot of prayers were answered and devotees have shared testimony of their experiences on the miracle blog. Thus every blog of Sai Yug Network is served as wish of Sadguru Sai Baba.

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  1. Dear Sai baba..plz bless me with happy married life..waiting for ur blessings

  2. Devote.....Baba namaskar you know I'v been praying you've given every thing and there are other troubles problems that I can't get to resolve it no matter what i do. I am seeking you help no one else would help. saburi i know am waiting for ur kripa blessing.

  3. Dear Baba
    Please help me keep my 6 year old daughter. My husband wants to take her away from me even though in the past he has never even looked after her. Baba, my little daughter is my life. Please let her stay with me. She can visit him... I have no problem with that but he's been taking me to court for more and more custody. I have to go to court again on 4th June. Please make the judge throw out the case...PLEASE Baba... I really would like you to help me

  4. Sai ram, you know each and everything what is happening in my life. Before i ask you anything, I want to give you koti koti koti koti koti pranams. Sinoj and his family is going through lot of issues, emotionally, financially as well. His parents are fighting for a long time. It has affected him a lot. Please do not make him to negative karmas so that he suffer more. Please take him in your arms and bless him. Nothing is impossible for you sai ram. Please bless his family sai ram.

  5. Dear Baba,
    I am waiting for my interview screening ,baba please help me to get this job,please bless me BABA,you know how important it is to me.