Shirdi Sai Baba Answers

Acclaimed as Modern Sai Satcharira by Sai Devotee Readers

Found in the year 2009

Owner and founder: Hetal Patil


At first, the blog Devotees Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba came into existence in 2009. The author of the blog, Hetal Patil published stories of Sai Baba translated from a very popular book Sai Sarovar, she started receiving miracle stories from the readers of her blog. Slowly along with translations, she started sharing miracle stories wherein devotees shared their experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba in their day-to-day life. The frequency of such miracles increased and thus a dedicated blog for sharing experiences came into existence which has grown the most popular blogs of Sai Yug Network. Over the years it has gained immense love and appreciation from the devotee readers who gave Hetal Patil title as “Modern Hemadpant” and the blog as “Modern Sai Satcharitra”. More than 20k Miracle stories shared to date and counting.


  1. iam following this blog since the beginning and also iam in their whats app group the way they represent shirdi saibaba is unique and blessed their post motivates me and drags to curiosity towards saibaba

  2. Hi all, Jai Sai Ram, i am new to this blog ,first time i want to share 1 thing, i am currently not working and looking for permanant job, few days back applied for govt job in Telangana, because of system problem (too slow) my husband formatted C drive without taking backup information, but i lost other drives information also , i saved my job application information in the laptop, now i lost that info too, i prayed to baba and cried without that information i can't attend the exam, i asked baba please do something i should get the information by today night , my husband did something and i got the exam details , i promised baba if i get the info by tonight i will post this in the site now i am happily posting, thank you Hetal ji for the beautiful site to share baba
    miracles .
    1 more thing is in this lock down situation, once my washing machine got some problem, i prayed to baba and applied vibudi to washing machine after that i tried it was working perfectly,thank you baba
    thank you so much baba , please save all indians from corona.
    Om Sai Ram , sorry for my poor english.
    I believe strongly this time baba will bless me with govt job thank you.

  3. Hi everyone,
    This is the first time 'm posting my experience in this blog. I used to read devotee's experience. I surrender myself to baba.sairam is everything for me, life is nothing without baba.
    Today dat is on 13/8/2020 Thursday. I am working as a teacher and as everyone knows now everywhere online classes are going on. Today after my prayer in the evening evening I jus checked what's app mesg and I received a mesg from school management asking me to submit class work for each classes at the earliest. It has to be a ppt and converted into pdf file. My brother was busy with his work as he is working from home. He said he can't allow me to work for another 3 hours as he had some emergency work. I was tensed and I was doing naamjap and I don't know y I typed ppt in play store all if sudden I saw ppt app was available and I installed it. I asked one of my cousin for help and his reply was "you got the app and how are u going to convert into pdf?" I was not having much knowledge about this app which I saw in play store.i thought lemme have a try, lemme create a ppt then when I was about to save I found a option "share as pdf". I was really shocked to see it. As my cousin asked me how are u gonna convert into pdf I will ws worried about that and was jus checking all the options. May be this looks a silly experience of mine but I strongly believe that baba helped me coz I was not having any kind of knowledge about this app or the options. I don't know y I went to play store and typed ppt .. Baba was showing me the ryt path..thank you baba without u 'm Nothing.

  4. Sai Baba is present every second. He observes and help us knowing beforehand what is in our mind. Om Shri Sai Nathayea Namah.

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